Michael Wilbanks

The Witches Come

Change this light from this vacant jade
Faded silence forming this velvet shade
A vapor’s care drained of all reward
Beneath your eyes the bruise’s discord
Nesting joy in your heart and pain retained
In the forced disturbances that you blamed
When the riots waged in the empty rooms
Mask the witches on their war brooms
Headed east toward the rising sun
Fleeing the west, the battle there now won
How can you stand as strong as the altar
There perched upon the Rock of Gibraltar
Waving your sword as defiantly vain
Awaiting the arrival of your desired pain
You face the magi’s of fantasy’s lust
Holding a weapon forged in logic’s trust
By the lawyers of the witches’ firm
Denoted beyond the witches learn
That fire on fire and ice on ice
Is not the coin to pay the price
Of what lies behind your proud stance
The banks of the Euphrates dance
With glee for warriors’ hearts to numb
Dance now hero, the witches come.
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