Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio
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The mind exits the head, the heart is being drained
Pulses bring me nearer to such a sweet release
Tears roll, cover, and dry upon that’s face
Looking in the glass that makes you myself
Choking on the lack of words I could never say
Every day brings me closer to my grande finale
No fireworks, no bangs, no tears to cry or fall
Regret fills the soul for any sign of life
Where is the angel that watches over thy’s breath
God will cry when he sees another life wasted
Throwing stones while built out of shattering glass
Heart empties and soul bows the head a last time
Knife covered with all that allows my life
My belief is that the knot will never be tied
Disregard the lack of any feelings, only numb persists
Not my final letter, nor will the next or next few
Hair raised along with the skin, nothing to keep warm
Not a person to hold, arms are only filled with air
The air will flow along with any hope or desire
Chains hold me down but they are not needed
No will to get up, only to lie and waste away
Blood dries and skin is damaged for the rest
Not covered to hint others, giving away the signs
No one notices the breaking, only the product
Feeling myself inching closer to the rope
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