Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Beat Of My Heart

The way heart beats, will I survive longer?
Feelings that I hope to soon forget
Revisions or not, will I continue forward?
Senses of relief breaking away from under
Under the skin arises once sought out
Meanings are only attached to be assumed
The liveliness of our two worlds colliding
Flames inside me spark to ignite a fire
Will I burn, if so, please as the sun?
Disingenuous to not be, do I really feel this?
Wondering of the heart, am I alone?
Or the need to not be creates distortions
The world is tempting and I will not be victim
My innards desire this but do I complete?
Unknown until sun is down, stars are visible
Pondering thoughts make me courageous yet unsettled
Not your burden to facilitate but the opportunity
Like a light, I may be on or I may be off
Wishing these would leave but I am plagued
The institutions created this level field
Tell me where do I continue on this path?
As again, why does my heart beat at all
Where my heart starts to beat for you again
Words are meaningless without attachment
I lay between a war of heart and soul
Am I meaningless without attachment?
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