A.K Jaisingh

April 12,2006 India
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Luck had not favoured our love

Years went by,
Barnet of black have turned a ish hoary,
Youth has been decreasing,
Visage of fascination has turned to the face of a weeping philosopher having creases,
But the faith in you that you will return someday has not yet deceased in the coldness of Time.
I remember the day when you
Came to me holding a crimson garb for me, for love had brought down the curtains of faith in your heart, for I had pledged you that I will never let your heart fragment again.
I remember that day when you believed me and held my hand tight for my mortal orbs had dispatched the message of love to the port of your heart.
I still remember that moment when crave of food had driven both of us mad but your care for me, your love for me which you proved when you handed over the stuff to me and asked me to eat it first and then give you the remnants of it.
But luck had not favoured our love instead it favoured those ragamuffins and wrongdoers of the so called society who tend to protect the pride of their culture, where we were separated for the difference in our caste.
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