Maurine Fergueson

Layton, Utah

Shadow Of Prejudice

Don't you wish the shadow of prejudice would lift off the earth
And evaporate into infinity, out in unbounded space
Where it was hurled
Taking with it the power to influence all human kind.
The we would truthfully charge an abuse, each single Time
Then only the blind could see and feel
What is a disguise and what is real
It would take the touch, or the memory,
To spot the enemy
Gentle feelings we have tamed not to surface
Will conquer and rule to practice their purpose
Wars will be extinct, we will solve problems equally
Renewal over disaster
The whole will be satisfied, not just glory for
The master
You could be branded a savage, but only of your deeds
The shadow of prejudice successfully seals true needs
Every soul that enters won't be bias by opinions on
their part,
And when the soul is done with Life's debate
Justice will be fair when they depart
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