Matthew Ballard

July 23, 1999 - Columbia
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Sunrise Anxiety

The world is spinning faster than I can plant my feet
Change rattles my mind, and all I do is my best to stay the same
But do I really love this guy?

I stutter when I step,
I tremble when I talk,
I miss the days where I felt like
All of the words I spoke were so beautiful

Maybe I lost me while I was trying so hard to keep him
Or maybe I’m just scared
Either way I don't like the way it feels
To greet my gut as soon as I wake up in the morning

My soul is starving and I don’t feed it enough
My mind is muddy and I can't clear my water
I fall asleep drowning in whiskey
Because it feels so much better than dry

Losing your air to breathe in is so much worse than losing your breath
My feet are doing their best to grab hold of ground
But it too is turning
Maybe this just isn't the life I was looking for

Or maybe I need to open my fucking eyes and breathe
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