Marta Gomez

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The Mirror on the Wall

She told me that her problem,
Was the excess fat she had,
Around her waist below her cheekbones,
Always lacking in her butt,
Her double chin was so annoying,
And her eyes too boring to look at,
She didn’t see her little dimples,
Composing a melody along her smile,
Those eyes that were too boring,
Reflected truth, reflected warmth,
She didn’t hear the tiny snorts,
That accompany her laugh,
She only saw scores of beauty,
Really difficult to achieve,
For they never told her the secret,
That it really doesn’t exist,
Perfection seems to be everywhere,
But it’s really only a myth,
It’s necessary you understand,
First impressions don’t always matter,
If what’s behind is cold and ash,
For you must never trust a mirror,
Or the picture on your hands,
Trust that friend that calls you pretty,
And that outfit that you want,
Trust your mind if it tells you,
That you honestly really can,
Because at the end of the day,
When you find that mirror on the wall,
It’s going to reflect all the things,
That you genuinely believe you are.
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