Mykah Cea

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Cross my heart, hope to die,
Stick a needle in my eye.

A swarm of paper lanterns is suspended by evening warm air.
As a summer blizzard, they shine brighter than gold.

We promised one day, we'd shine brighter.

On her mossy bed, lithe clusters of lavender brush her satin skirt.
Like her, their violet crowns are dusted in pollen and starlight.

We promised, one day we'd make her proud.

Chilly breezes whistle through coupled souls, nipping at their noses.
Without notice, they waltz past sage patches and rosemary beds.

We promised that day, nothing in this world would keep us apart.

Under a silver fog veil, the howl of a Vespa unsettles a mountain road.
Its rubber paws drift along concrete curves, until it vanishes in the thick fog.

We promised each day, to challenge each other's paths.

Years later, one menacing fist in the air is all it takes to silence an arena's screams.
Six strides from the end line unleashes a resounding missile down your throat.

We made a bet years ago, that on our death beds, we'd see who led the happier life.

Outside, the rain's pitter-patter is muffled by wide windows and chill lofi kpop.
The scent of fresh rice wafts in from the kitchen, where the onigiri man sings and shapes.

If I'm being honest, I hope that one ends in a tie.

Cross my heart, until we die,
Let's see how high, the other can fly.
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