Mamta Garg

January 1999 - Wednesday

A letter to my lover

My dear lover,

Yes, we have met, but not how you thought as in the coffee shops with that cup of cappuccino with a heart on top
We met in those dark dreams where I was lost, and as you entered with light, I couldn't stop myself but, hop...

Yes, we do share a lot of things, maybe not the chocolate icecream that I relish every Sunday at the corner shop but, the sorrows and joys that we earn in the day and for any details, I 'just' don't like to crop...

Yes, we are the perfect couple, not like the ones who throw majestic parties and possess the best intimacy,
We are prefect in way we see each other, never stopping each other how we want to be and I know, you think I'm crazy!!

Yes, we have had the best of kisses but, not the ones in those mid-beam reservations of the restaurant or the hilly tops or even by the beaches
We had the best ones when I imaginated you whenver I used to travel in "my" favorite places of the cities...

Yes, I know you don't know yet which color suits me and I know nothing of what you like to read or surf,
But, I am sure we are waiting for our next meet in Delhi, the city of dreamers, where I see you in my own bluff.
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