Mamta Garg

January 1999 - Wednesday

Biography of Mamta Garg

"Be the sentinel of your own dream" ~ Mamta Garg She's a passionate writer and poet who loves to express what she sees and feels and brings life to her words with her style of writing. She has a fine taste in music and philosophy of life and has a inquisitive nature. Writing for her is a true blessing which in her opinion, gives her real wings to soar high in the sky and cast all her dreams, imaginations and the reality onto paper strings... She has studied Indian Culture in Mysore and loves travelling across the country. "She writes the best when she travels in a car", she says. She likes to collect the varied opinions and experiences of people and tries to add a rhythm to them. She is a humble poet and a blogger @thinkinginmyway and aspires to be a writer who can touch the hearts of people with her magic of words, connect with them and their lifestyle and truly relate with how they feel or think.