Toronto, Canada - 08/29/88
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Found out my dog can’t get the surgery he needs because of a worsening heart condition. Going forwards, it’s just about making him comfortable until the end, which the vet said could be 3 weeks to a year. My work is having a zoom party and we are supposed to show the thing we most value and explain why. It’s obviously going to be my dog and this is the poem I wrote (first ever written).

At first it was hard,
To have much regard,
For the pile of hair,
That shook in despair.

Pitiful thing,
His eyes in full swing,
From left to right,
Like he might die of fright.

I knew I was trapped,
When he was dropped in my lap.
They said “just this one thing”,
I end up doing everything.
Just as I thought,
This is what I fought.

As time carried on,
Becoming more strong.
Curled next to me,
It spawned empathy.

See, he could not sleep
Without one of his feet,
On top of me lay,
Overnight it would stay.
Sturdy as a cannon,
ensuring he wasn’t abandoned.

Watching him play,
Run around everyday,
Our Kleenex felt dread,
As he tore them to shreds.

I must admit,
Choking down laughing fits,
As strangers bent down for a pet,
He raced past, no regret.

not always fun.
He won’t be outdone.
Never seen something so stubborn,
A tangled net in my rudder.

As I’m about to curse,
My motors thrown in reverse.
When I look down,
My features frown.
Him, just Sitting there,
Like a little teddy bear.

Life refuses to stop,
This is why I’m caught,
In full surprise.
Rain falls from the skies.

When you see the end,
It’s hard to pretend.
Questions come to mind,
Was this something divine?

Dog in reverse,
Is a being not of this earth.
Big person in the sky,
Maybe angels up high?

Quick look at Anne!
Clatter of pans!
For a second She thought this unbeliever,
Had picked up the godly receiver.

Haha, sorry Anne!
Had to devise a plan.
Just in case,
Water leaked from my face.

Back to my story.
No allegory.
Simple and plain,
I’ll never be the same.

What is love?
Flies free like a dove.
The greatest thing I’ve ever learned,
Was to love and be loved in return.
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