Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Picture perfect

Captivating dark iris
Enchanting voice, like the sirens
Soft to the touch your body structured
Black is the skin tone to your body texture
There she goes again with her charismatic saunter
Melting men hearts go founder
Turning their heads like revolving doors
Keeping their mouth agape for eternity

When you said hello I lost my composure
Never been caught of guard before
not for cynosure
If time's a string in my hands
Would have tied that moment in a loop
and keep my staring at those eyes forever
Never thought I would need another
like I needed you now
Because I trust my lonely
When you said goodbye, I felt like I lost my valuables
You just ran me over like a truck
Our path crossed like a fairy tale's meet cute
Your cute pink lips met with mine, made me thaw like ice meeting fire
Felt my feet left the ground
Felt am flying above the clouds
When you come around
The butterflies in my tummy, try to make an hasty escape
Making me feel giddy
giving me sleepless night
Quite uneasy to resist the urge to scream your name and tell everyone you love me
You cloud my thought so much
I wonder how I think
Always wonder what I did to deserve you, my picture perfect
I definitely must have saved the world in my past life
to be gifted such epitome of beauty
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