Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Moon Lit Sonata

When the sun turns turns drowsily away to sleep
Passing its baton of radiance to the moon
Illuminating its nooks and crannies in white sheen
Then the star align
The galaxy star studded
Constellation all in their line
Darkness heralding the bright brilliance
Firefly trying to outshine one another
Gentle cool breeze finding it way to the skin
Trees dancing in harmony to windy songs
Wonderous silence rents the air loudly

A rare time when all intentions are shelved
When the house cat craves no attention
Mind calm as ever
Thots rouses from slumber
Quill inspired to craft words
Ingenuity swings by to play

Basking in the glory of the moon
An oxygen filled moon with a rocking chair
A new solemn world I found
To sit on, rocking back and forth in solitude
With no other worries but to savour the moment
A blissful uninterrupted moment
Only paradise can hope to compete
The depth of the present is enthralling
In all it nuances

You could almost touch The singularity
You certainly feel it though
A feeling so surreal, you feel you and universe align
Becoming one perfect harmonious entity
I named this world the Moon Lit Sonata
Beautiful yet short lived world
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