Lukman Abdulwasiu

August 8, 2003 - Osun, Nigeria
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Dear God

Blasphemy I wish not speak
True I want to be told so to speak
Blind folded am I like everyone else
Myopic underneath dark veils of life
Unanswered questions bugging like flies
Oh why do we lose control?
Or perhaps why aren't we in control
Even when we try to set things right
Might turn left or maybe right
Even when we try to set things straight
Might turn a bending curve or straight
Why is there certainty
The variable are endless and eternal
I understand that something aren't meant to be
Because harm might befall
But I know not for certain that some are harmless
Strives, hustle, hard work against talent and destiny
Yet owe us nothing to earn us great success
Neither do we offend you to be granted failure
Then why do some fail while others succeed
What are the qualifying yardsticks
We've see both devilish and saintly men Succeed
We've seen both of them failed also
Good or bad minded you've given wealth and health
In all honesty though we humans are quite shortsighted
Partly myopic if not totally blind sometimes
Like someone who has been gifted a day earlier
A gift of giant painting covered in a huge box
Given an instruction to wait for the D day
For the grand unveiling
Then impatiently tore the box underneath late at night
Sticking her head in saw nothing but darkness
Pissed by the pitch darkness
Ordered for it to be tossed into the garbage truck
On the day of the event no one came
Anger turned to disgust then worry set in
Came out to enquire about what had happened
Then came the news
Everyone in the city was at the dumping site
Curiosity overcame, to dumpster she went
Arriving at distance from the site she saw it
A huge picture of her carefully painted
In the most detailed and precinct way possible
Exalting her beauty much more
Everyone was admiring the painting
Totally ignoring her
Some pushed her aside to behold the wondrous art
Reality dawned
She had failed to see the bigger picture
The night before only envisioned the dark outlines
Which she took to for a grotesque painting
But now she discovered the dark outlines
On serve their purpose of highlighting the Elegance
Of her own beauty
I guess I answered my own questioning questionnaire
Mighty in wisdom and understanding is He who sees the bigger picture
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