Louis Zo

April 20, 2001 - Mandalay
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The Powerless

We were born into this---
toils of tangled gods’ maws
gnawing us raw
as we wiggle and crawl
on top of each other
like fish out of water.

Nothing sprouts from our barren faces
no eyes to cry, no mouth to shout
and wail as the gods’ acid spit flays us alive,
naked red ready
for an eternity of their vicious brute bites.

Shrieks of pain caged inside our larynxes
eat us from within;
our blood and self
chewed and churned to nothingness
whilst outside, our bones and flesh
crushed and burned into disfigured mash.

The gods feed
on the juice their teeth have squeezed
out of every fiber of our meat.
our blood and tears, bittersweet
with the futile hatred for them we bleed
A gory feast that goes on for eternity.

Then here we are---
a mammoth mush of battered bodies
and dismembered hands, feet
wrenched dry of any humanity
Our gods’ grisly feat.

But we don’t die like free men do
in this teethed pit of spit and bodily goo.
That’s how these gods torture you.
We bud again from our broken bits
to be bitten and chewed anew.
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