Lily James

3 Years

I woke up today and realized it has been three years since we have seen each other
Three years since you’ve seen your daughters face
Three years since I’ve seen my mother’s eyes
In three years my life has turned upside down
In three years I’ve grown into a woman you would fail to recognize
In three years we became strangers to one another
In three years you moved on while I tried to hold on for dear life
In three years the scars that you left have still not faded
In three years the memories of you still cause a certain pain in my heart I’m not sure will ever go away
In three years you found a new life while I tried to salvage the one you broke
In three years you became my least favorite person in this world
In three years you caused pain that only people sick in the head could
In three years you lived a carefree life while I dealt with the consequences of your actions
For three years I have tried so hard to fix what you broke but I still struggle to get out of bed most days
For three years you have lived your best life while I struggle to find a smile
For 1095 days I have not seen your face
And I don’t think I ever want to again
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