Lily Isong

August 18 - Nigeria
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What if I'm NOTHING

I woke as gray a couple times
My soul's bare just as the pines
The tux I see that grows all slow
The pride I walk I thought I'm Mufasa
What if I'm nothing among everything
What if there wasn't a soul in me,
What if I had no dreams
What if the times I seek, the dream I see is all just nothing
Like me?
The hips I swey the song I sing, the tales I tell are all just nothing
What of there isn't a light at the end of the turnel
What if it's utter darkness and there's complete nothing at the end
And if I feel, I hate and love and it's all just nothing.
What if I'm a pile of nothing, Lots wife must have the upper hand.
What if my name rings a bell and it's all just nothing.
What if the world is just a mirage, an illusion even
I feel a thousand things, and it's all deep, complete nothing.
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