Les Farmer

Why I Am A Conservative!

You may ask,
Why am I conservative?
Shouldn't you be a democrat?

That is not a question for many,
Well, not even for a few,
The problem is that it may not be even a question for you!

However, this question is still here,
Therefore, I will explain,
It didn't all happen in a short period of time.

The first myth is,
All conservatives are well off,
This can't be true,
No one has been worse managing money than I do.

The second myth is,
All conservatives are in the religious right.
This can't be true,
No one has worse church attendance than I do.

The third myth is,
If you work for a living you are poor,
If your are poor you are then a democrat.
Now, this is one statement,
I would love to take back.
I have worked all of my life,
Laid off jobs,
Been fired too,
SIgned up for Food Stamps,
The whole nine yards,
All the time,
Look at the political answers the democrats had in mind.

When I worked in the steel business,
Their answer was another 13 weeks of unemployment,
When I work in sales,
Their answer was another 13 weeks of unemployment.
After the events of 9/11,
What was their answer?
A resounding democratic cry,
'13 weeks of employment! '

I believe,
I now know what to do,
Let's give the Congress the answer,
Give the democrats what they like
The Unemployment line!
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