Les Farmer

They Need A Hand Up Not A Hand Out!

The trouble with poverty,
The people are so poor,
They can't really affoard to be rich,
Never you mind I just give them a helping hand.

The problem with this,
Is that the helping hand is a quick fix,
What was designed to help,
Has now lasted over 50 years,
There is no way out and end in sight,
What a terrible and hoorible sight!

We see, one, two, three and more generations,
Living together on the floor,
They are together in spirit and poverty,
They are looking for us to break the cycle.

This cycle can be broken
Without a doubt,
The problem is do we wanta,
Not if we will.

It may seem strange for a day or two,
But the trouble with giving a helping helping hand,
Is not becasue we do it,
It is because we can.

Americans are great,
We are good,
And we want to bless all of the others,
However, when we give a handout,
We are not giving a helping hand,
Rather instead we do exactly that,
Giving hand out and breading discontent.

Now, the next time you giver to a chairity or a gift,
Just remember who told you this,
It is better to give than recieve.
And it is better to give a hand up
Than receive a handout
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