Lee Grabbe

January 31st, 2001- California
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Two truths, one lie

Our favourite game.
1. "I’Il never leave you" Physically or emotionally I couldn't quite figure out, yet another hook you left out, but I knew we'd be Paris and Juliet some day.
Unfortunately fate has a thing for romantics: see act 5
2. “Your fault for loving someone unavailable" I inevitably find myself in my confusion once more repeating to myself: no matter how breathtaking, larkspur still kill.
3. "I love you" Your lips always had a habit of curving and preening whenever you were burdened by the weight of your own ice. You could never comprehend tenderness in phrases- no matter how tongue and cheek you'd let powerful idioms slip out after your severed tongue. Believe what you want but everyone knows how full of fucking shit you are.
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