Lea-Pearl Njei

April 18,2005
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Whispers of Self-Discovery: Rewriting the Narrative

I walk with a regal grace, chest lifted high,
A face radiant, capturing every wandering eye.
Curiosity dances in the air, whispers and stares,
They all crave to know the tale that my presence declares.

Some approach with kind wishes, others with intent to break,
But I meet their efforts with laughter, for what's a smile but a fleeting take?
Yet as I retreat to my room's cocoon of solitary,
I realize my aloneness, my facade of confidence now temporary.

In the depths of solitude, tears stream down my face,
For I was but a laughingstock, my strange posture a disgrace.
I weep, realizing my importance was a fallacy,
Not the embodiment of confidence, but a subject of mockery.

I venture out once more, my back curved in a bow,
Head bowed low, seeking approval in the way I now go.
But whispers follow my path, questioning my stance,
Assuming it's a sign of low self-esteem, a pitiful circumstance.

Back to my room I retreat, tears flowing like a river's flow,
Why waste these precious droplets on a world quick to bestow,
Opinions and judgments that hold no sway,
When my own happiness matters more than what they say.

Their words, like passing winds, cannot define my worth,
For in the depths of my being, I hold my own rebirth.
Confidence, a flame kindled within, not bestowed by others' gaze,
Embracing my uniqueness, finding solace in my own maze.

Imperfections and flaws, we all possess our share,
But it's the journey we walk, the stories we bear.
I embrace my path, my tale, and experiences untold,
Releasing the need for validation, freeing my spirit bold.

In the company of those who uplift and cherish,
Their voices resonate, their support won't perish.
Their opinions hold weight, far more than passing strangers,
Who fail to grasp my essence, my life's untold dangers.

In the realm of my happiness, I take my stance,
Prioritizing inner peace, dismissing others' chance,
To define who I am, my self-worth untamed,
A resolute spirit, unburdened and unashamed.

So, let the world whisper and judge as they may,
Their words but echoes in the winds' sway.
For as long as I remain true to myself, unabridged,
Their opinions fade, in the presence of my spirit, unhinged.

I stand tall, a poetic soul, resilient and whole,
Focusing on joy and fulfillment as my ultimate goal.
In the realm of my truth, their words mean far less,
For I am the author, the poet of my own happiness.
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