Lea-Pearl Njei

April 18,2005
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Until That Destined Moment

In the depths of my longing, I stand here gazing at the boundless heavens,
Or should I simply refer to it as the vast expanse of the sky?
No! I shall address it as the heavens, for it is there that you reside, right?
It must be so, it simply must.

I yearn to behold your visage once more, an insatiable desire to see you again,
How can they dare claim that such a reunion won't come to pass?
They are mistaken! You, undoubtedly, dwell among the stars.

What wouldn't I surrender to feel your embrace anew?
To breathe in your scent, to taste the sweetness of your lips,
Oh, I would surrender anything and everything, without hesitation.

Ha! This moisture that cascades down my cheek, it is not a tear,
Merely the amalgamation of salt and water, nothing more.
I simply long to ascertain your well-being, for the heavens above shine brightly today,
Does it signify your watchful gaze upon me, from your celestial abode?

Answers elude me, yet one truth I hold dear,
You reside beyond, in realms unfathomable by earthly bounds,
And I, with fervent hope and unwavering devotion, yearn for our reunion.
Until that destined moment, we shall not part, forever entwined.
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