Lea-Pearl Njei

April 18,2005
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Enraptured by Love: A Heart’s Tale

In the Depths of You, I Am Free

In your presence, vulnerability becomes my armor, a testament to the power of our connection. With every gentle closure of my eyes, your essence envelops me, seeping into the very fabric of my thoughts. I find myself speaking in hushed tones, for your name dances effortlessly upon my lips, an incantation of passion.

In moments of solitude, I feel your ethereal presence, as if you linger in the very air I breathe. Each beat of my heart quickens, a symphony of anticipation, ignited by the mere glimpse of your captivating form. And yet, as you stand before me, a divine vision, you caution against the depths of these tumultuous emotions that intertwine our souls.

But what shall I do with this torrential flood of love? Shall I deny its existence, burying it beneath layers of pretense? No, my spirit rebels against such denial. The thought of suppressing what I feel for you churns in the pit of my being, a sickness that cannot be ignored. For you are the sun that illuminates the tapestry of my life; how can I deny the very light that sets my world ablaze?

I know in my heart that you, too, share the echoes of this love. Fear may haunt us, its whispers of doubt threatening to silence the song of our hearts. But hear me now, for I implore you: Love me if you find the strength within, abstain if circumstances demand, but let it be known—I shall not relinquish this ardent affection that courses through my veins. For you, my love, I unyieldingly profess—my heart beats solely for you.
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