lauryn knight

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Parents Lie

Your parents will say they love you
No matter what,
Until you’re gay.

Your parents love you
And you are their pride and joy.
They just can’t wait for the day you
Grow up
And get married and
Have them buried.

When you turn 16, you sit them
Down to talk.
They will love you endlessly,

You can see the disappointment on their face.
"It's just an episode," they say and
"If you don’t get over it, we'll kick you out," they say.
You don't get over it.
They expel you from the house.

Now, you are a part of the 40% of LGBT youth
No money, no food, no one to care for you.

The thought of ending it appears. Over, and over. It continues to appear and it frightens you.

And on the sixth time, it's time.
You find a piece of broken glass
And go sit under the tree where you and your dad
Used to read books to one another while the wind blew through your hair.

You see blood flooding out of you from your slitted wrists
And feel no regrets. An expression of relief crosses your face.
No one loves you.
So what do you have to live for? In your anima,
Absolutely nothing at all.

You are now a part of the 40% of LGBT suicides.

This is what it’s like. Let’s call it,
The 6 stages of being gay.

1: Realization.
2: Angst.
3: distressfulness.
4: Depression.
5: Suicide.
6: Happiness
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