Laura Strom

Confused Emotions

I'm so confused as to how i feel
The pain I conceal is almost unreal
I love you so much; care for you so
But it's hard for me to choose which way to go

I know you love me-
Of that there's no doubt.
I just can't find a way to claw my way out
Of this hole that I dug deep down in my soul
You're the only thing that makes me whole.

And I know it hurts to hear this news
The fact that I'm scared to be in love with you
Afraid you may hurt me-
Take me for granted
And break this heart
That to you I handed.

I love your smile,
Your sensitive eyes,
The way you holdme
When I cry...

But I hate the way you've hurt me
And made me feel low...
So to your invitation
My answer is 'no.'
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