Laura Strom

Cherished Addiction

beaten, abused,
dragged thru the mire
from the game of infatuation
i was beginning to retire.

but when I hear your voice
and imagine your face
all the problems in my world
begin to erase.

you've changed my perspective
and given me hope,
a euphoric feeling
that has helped me cope.
like 1,000lbs of drugs
being forced through my veins

and i cherish the addiction
i live for the high...
The sensation of floating
and touching the sky.

it completes my mind
and heals my aches
mends my heart
when it's about to break.

you have to know
my feelings for you-
for only one man can pull me thru
hold my hand when I'm about to fall
and make me smile
everytime i call.
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