Kurt(Sam) Hearth

Winter's Night

Like so many diamonds
sparkling in the night.
A new fallen snow glistens.
In the winter moon's cold light.

A high steppin' steed
its clip clop rhythm
with harness bells jingling.
Adds musical charm.

To a romantic ride
through the moonlit night.
As it pulls the sleigh
across a carpet of white.

Nestled beneath a blanket warm
watching the icy panorama unfold.
In the air your breath a cloud
hangs suspended in the cold.

Snow laden pines
waft their fragrance
gently across the air.
Infusing the night with sweetness.

From fireplaces burning
drifts wood's aromatic scent.
Adding to the magic
of this night's enchanting moment,

Distant window's lights
twinkle and glow.
Becking warm
through this wintery show.

A Currier and Ives
come to life.
This picture
of a winter's night.
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