Kriti Manocha

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The ship that sank

The sky so black
The stars so shiny
Beneath the endless mass of sky
In the never ending sea
The beautiful ship sank.

All was quiet
All was calm
But for the waves rising
And the waves falling
For the sea lamented
At the loss of yet another
Beautiful ship that once floated
Over the surface of her water.

The clouds poured rain
The moon had weeped
For all had loved
The beautiful ship in the sea.

Breaking through the melancholy silence
Was an other worldly music
That played on the shore of the sea
Of the waves hitting the stones
The place where the land and the sea meet.

For the shore alone knew
That the beautiful ship that once
Left it for a cruise
On the sea, had at last
Found her destination
In the depths of
Never ending sea
Where it now lay in peace.

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