Kristi Day

Me Myself And I

If I had to look inside myself
Who do you think Id see?
Surprisingly enough
The one I see is me.

I'm not a person grand
No longer a wild child,
Yet I'm stuck with who I am
For yet a little while.

For all my wrongs and wrinkles
And all my other flaws,
I don't fit others expectations
Or look for their applause.

I try to fit inside
This aging body of mine,
Because I'm all I have
And all I have is time.

I can't leap the tallest buildings
Or climb a mountain high,
But I have my hopes and dreams
I know how to shoot for the sky.

I'm not the smartest Einstein
Or the prettiest on the block,
And sometimes I have a limp
That goes with me when I walk.

But when I look deep
Into my very eyes,
I see the real me
And am left without surprise.

Even if I tried to hide
I'd not get very far,
Everytime I turn around
I find I'm already there.

No hidden airs about
I can't fool who I am,
For I'm standing here in front of me
Beneath this self exam.

I see the face of experience
Looking back at me,
And I know I've achieved it all
Thru the life granted me.

And when it's all said and done
What really matters to me.
Is that I can look into my eyes
And be happy with what I see.
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