Kira Walker

July 2nd , 2004 - Los angeles
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All the crimes I've committed

What if the perfect murder
Is all that i do on my own?
What if i can't go further
And I'll have to do it all alone?

I look in the mirror and
Don't see myself anymore
All i see is a lifeless body,
A stranger looking, a faded blur

For crime #1 i choose
The murder of my hope
The one my mind killed slowly
Affecting also my soul

My childhood is a dark place
Is a house of traumas and yells
A glass of water on the edge
The word disappointment in my head

For crime #2 i choose
Not being aware of the noise
Being happy in my childhood
Like drinking a whole poison cup

I robbed this body
It feels like it isnt mine
I don't see the reflection of my eyes
That is my third crime

But in your eyes i find mine
In your eyes i stop time
But you can't really stop it so
I had to watch you go

For crime #4 i choose
The moment i hold you
The moment i told you
To not let me get cold
The moment i told you
I loved you
And you said "don't cry"
"But for me that is a crime"

So i looked in your eyes
So i could look one last time
"If that is a crime,"
"Did i committ it right?"
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