Kinsley Lee

June 16, 1959-Seoul Korea
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To recollect the battle of Gloster hill(Solma-ri , Imjin River)

The late spring in the field, the coquelicots are blooming
In this Imjin area, on the vale and hill.
Spring’s coming, the red thieves were looming,
And human-wave attacking, to the Gloster hill.
Here and there, on the hero’s blood,
The flowers’re blooming as the hue of blood.

In this area, one thousand years ago,
The Tang Dynasty Army invaded
And the Silla soldiers blocked their blow.
During Korean War, Red thieves raided
And besieged to crush the royal heroes.
For three days, the enemies’re blocked by the heroes.

Even a guidon had broken on the fortress,
And to the heroes, Grim Reaper came nigh.
But the invicible fought against them in support-less,
But many heroes, under the sky,
Sadly, couldn’t see again, the Seoul,
Owing to them, we can see Taegeug-Gi in Seoul.

The Korean War’ll be never forgotten,
And the Glosters’ heroic story’ll not end.
Only the freedom could’ve be boughten
By the blood. For freedom, to fight no bend!
In the field, the coquelicots’ll bloom forever,
The Glosters’ flag’ll be waving forever.
(29th, Jul., 2023, Kinsley Lee)
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