Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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Sometimes i want to run away
Sometimes i do not wish to stay
Sometimes i want to go away
To undo the locks of these shackles that bind me here
To pick a way and go
To follow the stars, use them as my map
To be led away on a great chase
To find my great escape
But a journey like this, should not be had on my own
I want to go, but im scared to
I want to leave, just not you
So many miles, my heart would ache
With every breath i take
As my journey leads me
Away from you today
For that i shall not go
Here i stay
With you anyday
The only way i would go
Is with you in tow

The fool in me wants to know.
If id ask you.
Would you go?
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