Kelechi Kalu

Greenbelt, Maryland

Beauty Standards

Every look you take in the mirror
Distorts your vision, it gets less clearer
Society's foolishness knows no bounds
Now you judge your self worth in pounds
Obsessed with attaining the lightness of a feather
Enduring hunger and not caring whether
or not your body could be drastically affected
You're mimicking skeletal mannequins who are well respected
Only heaven knows what kind of chemicals and rituals
helped them ascend to their pedestals and pinnacles
Walking thin lines and borders,
Battling all those eating disorders
Anorexia and Bulimia are just two of a few
Think of all the damage they could do
Not only physically, but also mentally
If it isn't natural it wasn't meant to be
My plea to you is clear and candid
Never torture yourself to fit 'beauty standards'.
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