Kayla Mumford

August 31,1997 - North Carolina
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I love you big
I built a whole world for you
I chose people
made them audition just to
be in your life
I paved paths and roads so you’d
know exactly where to go
So you’d come home everyday
To me
So you would like the same people
As me

I love you great
I painted nature for you
Forests and seas
just so you’d admire my view
of our vast world
I brought you everything you need
So you’d appreciate me
So you’d only need me
So you’d be what I need

I love you perfect
Why can’t you see?
I broke your legs
So you’d never leave
I stole your voice
So you wouldn’t scream
I hammered extra ears to your head
So you would listen
So you wouldn’t run
When I told you
I love you
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