Katrina Hodge

Caddo, Texas, USA

Red's Tavern

Red's Tavern is a magical place.
It's hidden in a fold of time and space.
As you step up and open the door,
You hear many happy voices roar.
The lights are bright,
There is a party here tonight!
Red's parties are a wonderful thing,
As all the voices rise up and sing.
Sunray, Big Axe, Random and Star,
Stand and drink right at the bar.
Lightning, Saturn, Lori and others,
Are at the tables talking with lightning's brothers.
The drinks flow wild, but they are mild.
No-one gets drunk, and acts like a skunk.
The theme is always the same:
'Have fun with drink, dance and game!'
There is a party here tonight!
As there is every night!
In the Tavern Red welcomes you.
"Come on in and have a brew!"
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