Katrina Gray

March 20,1982 - Brownsville, TX
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We’re waiting for dawn
Hovering over midnight
And the minutes creep by
While it turns into early morning

We’re waiting for you
To come back home
After you
Were almost untethered

We’re looking for light
For we are powerless
In the dark

We’re not sleeping
Until we know
That we’ll see dawn with you

But today
I should have listened to the Earth
More closely
As it was telling me you were preparing to leave it

The bird singing on a branch
Close enough to be meant for only me
A melody I’ve never heard before
And as beautiful as the last time I heard you sing
Its own song, about to be yours forever

The black moth
Flitting about
In plain light
So that I wouldn’t miss it
On the afternoon
Before you transformed

Both having the wings that were meant for you
To carry you
To where you can see
When today, tonight, and tomorrow become yesterday
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