Kate Wallace

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Still Me

I am not thin
For my stomach is not flat
My skin no longer tight
And I often see myself as fat

I am not sexy
And I am not tall
My ass is not round
And my breasts are not full

I'm covered in stretch marks
Some old and some new
Scaring my body
Marking exactly where I grew

I am no model
I know this for sure
I am something different
Yes, I am something more

I have a women's body
One that has grown life
Over three years it has changed
Not once but twice

My stomach grew big
My breasts began to swell
My body providng what was needed
For my little girl

After that I deflated
My skin became loose
I applied all the creams
But that was no use

Breast that provided nourishment
Now start to fall
No longer perky
Just deflated and small

I dream of a body
The one I once had
When looking in the mirror
Didnt make me feel so sad

It's okay to be upset
But acceptance is key
This body may be different
But this body is still me
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