Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Missing you

So when you ask me, how much I miss you
Id say I missed you like the trees miss the wind
Like your breath revitalizing my skin
Their gentle barks skimmed by your breeze
An act of service
A cardinal sin
Left aching empty at the doorstep
When I invited you in
To come live into this house
Filled to the brim
With every savoured second
feeling the flow of time
Hoping that just this once
The hands would not spin
Let our moment be caught in a blizzard
Frozen never to go anywhere
A quicksand, unable to escape gasping for air
For how dare it
Make me feel that I was getting closer
To the moment where id be back by myself
Missing your skin

So when you ask me, how much I miss you
You shouldn't have to even think
My heart belongs to you for as long as yours is still beating
Mine will do too.
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