Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Im not giving up

You’re the rays to my sun
Youre the dream of eternal fun
My demons have me at gunpoint
Compelling me to run
Your light, makes me feel that
I can still fight
You're worth fighting for
I find peace in your allure
Within me, the confidence you conjure
Your face in my mind
I smile when I suffer

We talk about our past
Our dreams, friends,plans
all made to last
Like the chirping of the birds
Your words resonate and whirl within me
Every dawn and dusk
About work,life,fear and lust
I look forward to the time when we’re together
Like two birds of the same feather
I want to give you memories much sweeter than the ones we already share

Even though my actions prove otherwise
I still care and I miss you when you’re not there
Because I feel like I’m me
In eternal glee, I see
Myself as complete whenever you believe in me
You bring out the kid within me
You respect my choices when you agree to disagree
My mind still dreams about
Sunshine, flowers and rainbows

When I think of what really makes me feel that way though
I feel the values you hold, to my core
They're immovable, set in stone and it’s your resilience that I adore

We think differently of what love means to us
Like the gust of the wind, and Im but the dust that gets blown onto the scene
You help me grow and I wish to do the same
I always want to do my best around you
It just feels right
I want you
Because you are worth the fight
Thank you
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