Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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God is a ray of hope

God is a ray of hope
When all seems lost
He isn't an entity that gets
Caught up in everyday happenstance
Rather, He’s within the emotions
That we feel when we cry and dance
He lives in our hearts,
shows us good from bad
If you think you are right in the name of God
Then you have never understood what it was
That god actually wants from you

He wants you to love every small creation,
He wants you to respect nature
He wants you to know that
In life’s commotion
Your faith is what’s going to make ya
Don’t look for him
Cry or complain
He won't listen but still
Dont wallow in vain
He’s a father who observes and guides
Like the winds guiding birds over the vast ocean
He’s within the bees that help flowers with reproduction
He’s what you feel when life’s not in your vision
But rather your mistakes that shake your faith from its supposed position

He’s never gone
He’s never there
He’s within your most-priced possessions
He’s everywhere
So don't be down
And feel that you’re forsaken
Let the hand of god
Guide you into making a real difference
Thus was the oath you took upon your creation
When you were made within the image of his holy divination
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