Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Garden of love

Blooming in the morning dew
Like a new spark ignited between two hearts
A symbol of love so astew
Like a carefully set house of cards
Its known to have many faces
Yet its truest form is known to few
Ive searched for it in countless places
Until I found it right within you

Your love grew like a flower that bloomed within
The desolate abandoned view
Into a garden so pure,that it revived its soul anew

Although far in distance
Nature schemes to keep us close
I see your face with consistence and I always feel your glow
I promise to love you even in inexistence
My love for you will grow
Like a flower through stone
Despite the resistance
I strive to exist and bloom within your heart
because its pulse keeps me on the go

I love you but I could never tell you why
Other than these expressions incomplete
For its a feeling so divine
That my inner demons admit defeat
They get blown by the storm of your breathing
cleansing my soul from the life that they sow

So come lets nurture
This Garden of love
That we both have began together
Lets put in the effort with consistency
and give it care so tender
And hope that It grows to symbolize
A never-ending bond set to last forever
And set a scene so beautiful with flowers that always bloom
And wilt never
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