Kailey Norris

July 1, 2004 - North Carolina
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Hope of a Child

The mindset of hope and of a child are much alike,
as if true serenity and innocence are connected.
The comfort of a child in their mother's arms is what we long for inside ourselves,
a sense of safety and peace within our own body.

Treat every moment like you are still a child,
Cherish the most insignificant things in life.
Put that shiny rock in your pocket, it may be gold!
With thought, the smallest thing can bring peace and understanding to a life.
Every tiny aspect of nature is a beauty.

A child notices the simplest of things,
and those are what we need to take meaning in.
Not complicated beliefs or philosophies,
but details like the shade of the sky,
air bubbles in the creek,
or the shape of the fallen leaves.
Those are things we miss out on,
Too wrapped up in meaningless tasks.
A human is not meant to live, work, and die,
we are meant to find our own individual peace, purpose, and meaning in the world.
Find that comfort of knowing why we are here.

There are canyons in pebbles,
rivers in tree trunks,
veins in blowing leaves.
Everything has it's own purpose,
and the universe can only make sense in your own mind.
That meaning is different in every person.
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