Daisy 22

September 26, 2001- India
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I am neither a feminist nor a Misogynist!
I am simply a human being, trying to fit in this cruel world.
Yes, a cruel world!
A world who choose colours on the basis of my skin,
A world who choose jokes on the basis of my dreams.
A world full of people who are ready to shout on me but are not ready to listen to me.
Isn't it cruel?
I am holding few questions with me, but no one to ask.
Will you listen, just for a while?

Walking down on the streets in my town,
While coming back home, hidding myself from the demons of this world.
They were staring me like cannibals,
making me feel unsafe in my own town.
My uncle said that I am like his owm daughter,
then why he stare me like a pervert?
Why his every touch make me feel so insecure?

I told my friend about this, she simply replied,
This is a world full of risk, being a girl you have to be aware of it.
Being a Girl?
Why not that demons get punished?

Middle of Teenage, when my smear got placed.
Hiding the reality with newspapers and
stopping me from entering sacred place.
Except my mother's scientific reason,
the world is blind with their own ridiculous opinions.
They said your impurities can destroy the heavenly beliefs,
I am in dilemma now,
Where it has been written, Bible, Geeta or Quran?

Growing up in this world is so confusing,
You will find different complexion of skins,
And different complexion of Mindset too,
If I like my dress colour, they will complaint about my skin colour.
If I like my dress, they will complaint about my body structure.
If I wear scarlet, they will say you are too dark,
If I wear peach, they will say you are too fair.

You're too short for this , you're too tall for heels,
You're too fat for tights, you're too skinny for loose,
Someday they will complaint about my breathing too.
Someday they will complaint about my death too.
When will they give us freedom to live our own life?

I am still trying to figure out this world,
Watching the moon dancing among the stars,
Asking myself, the moon and stars are made of rock
and dust, but they never quibble about each other.
Is it so hard for people living on the same land to live with love and kindness?
Is it so hard for people to protect each other from evils powers?
Is it so hard for people to listen more and speak less?
Is it so hard for people to stop blaming on a specific gender?
Is it so hard for people to understand each other?

Time is running out my friend.
I've few more questions!
Will you wait, just for a while?

~Jupitora Dowerah
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