Julius Doogan

April 2000, New York
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F Train Eavesdropping

Tearing up the floor, staring with my eyes
Pineal opened up, poisoned by supply

Listening hard but what can I perceive?
My mind keeps fading and now I'm on my knees.
Battery's dead, both my phone and my head.
Sitting on the subway feeling half past dead.

The girl sitting across from me lies to her friend
Or at least I think she did, she’s playing with her hands

The businessman speaks so angrily on his phone
I wonder where he came from, another empty home

But who am I to judge?

Black and white, I’m screaming,
Why is life so monotone?

The school kids scream happily as they run through the car
Doing handstands, and praising all-stars

I roll my eyes even though we used to do the same

Skaters keep posturing, who has the biggest scars?
Bumming alprazolam and stumbling so far

But who am I to judge?

A homeless man dirty beyond belief,
is clean in the heart, if only you could perceive,

So please listen to his truths, those that make you whole
We’re all sick inside, till we turn to charcoal
*cue salvation*
He’s the only one who speaks with no reason at all,
no purpose to deceive, nor to answer a call,

He speaks of the darkness, he speaks of our pain
How we all squander our days while the sky turns to grey
He speaks of the rain, the cycle of days
How no one truly cares about what anybody says

He speaks of it all, and hides not one fault,
He knows there’s nothing left for him, and nobody to call
He’s objectively good, in an evil man’s land
He knows nothing matters as society’s left him on read

As far as he knows, everything's a lie,
he's blinded by perception

Just an ordinary guy
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