Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC


Now watermelons are a very fine treat
They're the very best food that I like to eat.
I wonder why we save them for special days
As for watermelons, I would gladly pay.

I'd pay whatever the cost might be
Just to savor the flavor of that wonderful treat
Just thinking of them gives me shivers to my toes
There's nothing else that can even come close.

Their sweet juicy flavor just melts in my mouth
On a hot summer day, I just want to shout
As I feel the juice trickle down my dry throat
Its the very best feeling a food could evoke.

Watermelons, watermelons I'll praise you forever
You're the one dish I'll pass up, no never, no never
When I'm thirsty and feeling ready for a drink
It's only of watermelons that I start to think.

It might be an icy cold day outside
But that doesn't stop me from wishing inside
Of ripe, red, tender watermelon flesh
Even though I know I must wait, I guess.

Wait until summer comes round once more
With its hot hazy days and humidity's high score
To see watermelons piled up to the sky
Ready and waiting for me to come and buy.

Now I'll tell you a funny story that happened to me
I was only twelve or so at the time, you see
Visiting a lady friend my parents had made
She had two children about my same age.

She took us all down the freeway a ways
Til we got to a farmhouse with garden and hay
Beside was a river, fast-flowing and cold
The day was so hot we all made a bold

Run for the water to cool ourselves down
We had so much fun we played like clowns
We jumped and splashed 'til so tired were we
We fell on the grass to rest and to breathe.

And then my eyes saw a rare surprise
The farmer began piling watermelons high
Watermelons, watermelons come one and all
It was a great party, as I readily recall.

We ate and ate as much as our tummies
Could hold of those watermelons, so yummy
We ate til our stomachs started to pop
It seemed that of eating, we just couldn't stop.

It was time to go home down the freeway so far
So we all hopped in my friend's beautiful car
But after just a few minutes of traveling along
Every one of us children sang a brand new song.

The song was funny, but no one was impressed
All we could think of was giving our bladders a rest
Bathroom, bathroom in chorus we sang
We sounded like the little rascals gang.

But on the freeway no exits were found
No exits to find if a bathroom's around
What in the world could be done to relieve
To find an exit for the children that grieved.

Well, to make a long story short
I'll tell you we found one but learned not to resort
To eating too much watermelon when far from home
Too much watermelon makes you bladder groan!
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