Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC


I love the autumn's mirrored hues
Bright red maples and yellows too.
The gold of some, and orange bright
Are wondrous on the mountain heights.

I love the crisp cool autumn days
And mornings filled with soft gray haze.
To take a walk along some trail
I see new colors or'e hill and dell.

Autumn is a special time
It comes before winter's chilling whine.
That's why I love the autumn so
As coats and sweaters on must go.

But the best Autumn of them all
Is my lovely daughter Autumn Shaw
She's all grown up with children now
But her name will always remind me how...

How she came into my life one day
My firstborn child, a golden ray.
Just like the days, the season brings
She makes my heart with joy-bells ring.
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