Juan Guerrero


Your Vibe

You never smile in your
Pictures on your IG.
I want to change that
Let's become we.

Let's get together,
Let's become a whole.
Come claim the heart
That your eyes stole.

I have been praying , waiting
For you to arrive .
Hoping, wanting for you to
Be in sync with my vibe.

Now that you are here I
Am so in love with your vibe.
And I am feeling something
Quite hard to describe.

I am scared but i m
Ready to ride.
Where to next?
That's for you to decide .

We are meant to be together
Ask me how I can tell.
I have had dreams about us,you
look amazing behind a veil.

I know this us all too sudden
But it all comes from within .
I am not letting you go, I am
So close to love, closer
Then I have ever been.