Josh Lyndon

February 9th, 1992, Belfast
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This darkness in my head,
Sanity has vanished, dead.
A fire burning inside of me,
Talking to friends no one can see.
The voices growing bold,
Emotion has vanished, now i'm cold.
On autopilate forced to act,
Without thought or tact.
Running up to the roof,
Attempting the jump, thats the proof.
A friend that pushed me to the floor,
Kicking, screaming, I can't take anymore.
Outside, wailing, asking why?
He won't let me go, they want me to die.
The eternal promise of decay,
The demon led my heart astray.
Jumping into the fire,
I need help, the situation is dire.
Despair in this hole I have dug,
Docters filled me with that evil drug.
On top of it all addicted,
Situation worse than can be predicted.
I feel myself drowning, slipping away,
Grasping for life, starting to sway.
The devil has staked a claim
to my soul through my blame.
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