Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania
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The Last King of Africa

Welcome to the church,
Hear the voice
That of the preacher.
'Blessed is the one
Who reads the words
Of this prophesy,
And blessed are those
Who hear it
And take to heart
What is written in it,
Because the time is near.'

And the preacher,
Our very own preacher
Goes on preaching,
'To the angel of the church
In Africa write:
I know your civilization
And bravery,
Yet a stranger will come
And rule you all,
Even to the point of death!
And I will give you freedom!
And power! and wealth!
And the stranger's descendants
Will soon be your slaves.'

Welcome to the school,
Hear the voice
That of the teacher.
'We are the descendants
Of the Great Africa!
And not that of Monkeys
And Zinjanthropus!
We are NOT black
As the skin color suggests,
And NOT weak at all
As Charles Darwin presumed.'

And the teacher,
Our very own teacher
Goes on teaching,
'We are NOT barbaric
As their history reads,
And NOT poor at all
As their media reports.
We are neither cannibals
Nor bloody grass eaters!
Though not all Africans
Are Intelligent...
We have few goats
And top ranking hogs,
But Africa is Great!
Greater than Africa itself.'

Welcome to the kingdom,
Hear the voice
That of the King!
'We have the metals and gemstones
We have the land and trade zones
We have the gas and oil
We are the Kingdom!
I have the army of invisibles
I have the throne of majesty
I am a man of my words
I am the King! '

And the King!
Our very own King!
Goes on decreeing,
'We are rich,
And Mighty!
We know how to hire
And fire.
We have our own science
And technology,
Our own hell and heaven
The True Gods of Africa,
And we are blessed indeed
With ALL miseries and melanin,
But poverty, ignorance and diseases
Are the poor substitutes for Africa! '
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