Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania
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My Sweet April

When I look upon your cheeks, when I look upon your lips,
When I look upon your hips, you're my spongy girl,
You're the only one I need, you're the only one I love,
You're the only one to marry, my spongy girl.

You're my spongy girl, Bready like a mattress,
When I stay with you my babe girl, I feel no distress,
You're the only one I need, mirror of my face,
Let us stay together in safe place.

And I do love you forever my spongy girl,
I wanna stay high like a mountain,
If there's any wrong just tell me girl,
I'll do plant a sugar cane in a fountain.

Even if that's a case, even if there's no place,
To support a love plantation, my spongy girl,
Just tell me the right time now,
And I shall come back tomorrow, my spongy girl.

As I told you yesterday, now it's another day,
Babe girl it was April, now is May,
Ever since you're my spongy girl, now the house
Is a referee for the fair play.

Evening till morning, let's enjoy,
Let's stay together, my spongy girl,
Better when I touch your waist, I touch your breast,
When I touch your thigh, I do feel so high.

Baby the story is about you, about you girl,
I'll do love you forever, my spongy girl,
Babe ever since I love you, I love you girl,
You're the only one to marry, you're my spongy girl.
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